About Lilybelle’s Table:  Lilybelle’s Table is the story of my efforts to Go Local and eat locally produced, preferably sustainable, green, and organic food; but really, it’s just food, my first love.  I just love everything about food, from shopping for it to cooking it, but most of all, I like sharing it. I hope you’ll share my story as I eat my way to total local-ness.  ^^~

About Cat: I am an avid cook and lifelong foodie, my Mom claims I learned to cook in self defense and that I would stop playing and come in to watch The French Chef  on TV when I was very small. I distinctly remember faking being sick so I could stay home from school to watch the Galloping Gourmet.

I think food should be unfiddled with and free from additives and other weird substances that were not included in the original spec. Aside from the health and environmental aspects, real food just tastes better. People ask me for my recipes or how did I cook so & so and then ask why it didn’t turn out the same as mine? How do I make those carrots or green beans or what have you taste so good? Well, I’ll tell you,  I didn’t, Mother Nature did.

In real  life I am an IT Consultant who specializes in Data, Information, and Knowledge Architecture, but let’s not talk about that.

Who’s Lilybelle? Lilybelle is my house, an old, somewhat faded Victorian beauty in St. Mary’s county, Maryland. She was built when all food was local and green and she likes it when we have company, especially when people come to eat.

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